A Race Unlike Any Other



The race of testing begins. For teachers it brings out sheer stress, making sure students take the test in its entirety and that everyone is present for the test. For students too, they race to finish and hope that they never have to see it again.

Students also pick on the stress of others during this process, the pressures felt by the teachers, the expectations held by the parents, and the overall buzz in the air. The thing is children and adolescents have enough on their shoulders on top of picking up on the weight of others’ shoulders. Agreed that testing is a race, but not to finish, but to run.

Think of a great race, one that you trained for and rested for. To prepare for it, you created a training schedule where you challenged and pushed your endurance slowly and steadily. Some runners try to beat their top mile against themselves and others hoped that they would finish the race. The key detail here is that the expectation a runner struggles with is their own, they aren’t focused on any one else’s pace but their own .

Testing is no different. It is a process that students prepare for, both mentally and academically. Both require strengths, one of your heart and the other, with your mind. Without both muscles, a student may not be ready to take or finish the test. However, if they are focused on their actions and not the stresses of others, then they can worry about just finishing the test on their level, at their own pace, and not the expectations of others.

Is testing a race? Absolutely, but not one to finish for a medal or prize. Simply a race that is a process to work through.