Words By Any Name


First of all, I am sorry for the absences of posts. As someone who works very hard in honoring commitments and passions, sometimes life gets in the way,  which got me thinking that life, by name alone, can come in many forms. Life can refer to the life we choose to live publicly versus privately, with our friends who have known us before our teen years, the life we desire, and finally, the life we have within ourselves, listening to what we feel and hope for, not just for own selves, but maybe for those we love the most.

And just like life, things that are the most important, that truly matter, can hold different meanings for everyone. Maybe we look at things differently because of how and where we grew up geographically, our social status, or how we perceive the world because of what we hold of value. These virtues, what we hold close to our souls and hearts, should not be why we are distanced from others, if anything it is why we are beautiful, why the world opens doors for us to introduce us to kindred spirits like friends or colleagues, teaches us about passionate projects like this one, or invites us along journeys like The Pollination Project

What I am trying to say, and I may not be doing a very eloquent job at it, is that the virtues that make us who we are, shouldn’t be the things that are used to break us down, single us out as different, or a means of distancing us from others. Regardless if  you are ten years old and feeling for the first time what sitting at a different table feels like, or wise beyond your years and feeling the prickle on your neck or flip in your stomach when someone says something that cuts you to  your very soul without knowing an iota about who you are, your self-esteem should be an extension of who you are, plain and simple.

There is so much energy being spent at the expense people’s emotional well-being of breaking down others, and for what? For the sheer satisfaction of a win, but at what cost? Wouldn’t it be easier if we all, as individuals, took the energy that we use at singling out the differences in one another, and used them to learn more about the world and relating to other people? A single choice of words can alter how a person feels about their own self or possible choices that have led them to get to this point.

Words can be cruel. They can also be powerful as well. And I am sure not a lot of people out there want to admit it, but no one wants to feel distanced because of what makes them who they are. I guess my point is this, words can be thorns of cruel pain that can foster feelings of doubt, but they can also be words that remind you of what a wonderful person you have become and all the choices that you have made to get you to this point.

No matter what you call it, virtues, values, all that makes you who you are, take the time out of our busy lives, and try to connect instead of disconnecting with others based on their own sense of self.