The Power of Words




If you have been following along with me on Instagram, I have tried to stress the attention and emphasis you place on the quality of time you spend with the child or children in your life. Regardless of the title that you have in their life, whether it be a teacher, aunt, uncle, or parent, you are the star in that child’s life. What you do or say matters in their world 1000% percent, so shouldn’t you give that same amazing amount of energy and focus to them as well?

As I have said before, I am the mom of two Troubles and first grade teacher to a class of fidgets. During the day, I treat and talk to my fidgets just as I would do if they were my own. Of course the flurry of teachers at any school can provide their two cents about what is best for you our your classroom, but when it all comes down to it, you, the adult in the child’s life, knows what’s best.

With all that is going in our adult world of musts and must nots, when it comes to working with our children, they should be your number one priority. Period. I know that this is easier said than done, but the words that they hear from adults are just as important as the words we tell them.  The next time you begin to feel the stress and angst of the noise from the outside world, whether that’s politics, office or school drama, fill in the blank, remember that your words matter, the words that you repeat, and the world that you tell to the child or children in your life.

So don’t you want the words that you tell your children, regardless of the title you hold in their life, to be ones that can they remember and repeat or spark a journey of growth and empowerment?