Wishes and Dreams

As a child, holidays are all about wishes. A child wishes for Santa to make an appearance and to get exactly what they want on their list. And as a parent, you wish that all their dreams come true (and to get a bit of rest at some point). Often, we get bogged down with what we want for our children to get to make them that much ahead of the curve. For them to be smarter and brighter, and for them to be content. What about the wish for them to be happy with who they are and growing to be?

Our wishes as adults should be for children to have the moment to be children, without the added pressures that life alone puts upon them because at the end of the day, they are children and have all the tools they need within them to succeed. Isn’t that we all wish for every child to have?

So as you close your eyes this holiday season, wish for the child in your life to be happy with the person they are growing to be and that you will help them strive to be that person every step of the way, big and little.